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12/12/2009 - Disney

I just finished editing all of our Disney pics and now Anna Claire has woken up from her nap so I don't have time to write much! I'll post more soon but for now you can see the Disney pictures in the album on the right...

10/31/2009 - Bumble Bees

I think Halloween may be my favorite holiday! I have always had so much fun dressing up and now I love dressing up Anna Claire and Daisy. That's right, Daisy still gets a costume too. The day that I got Anna Claire's costume in the mail, I happen to stumble upon a dog bumble bee costume and so I decided it was fate.

Anna Claire got to be a bumble bee at the zoo last weekend with Mallory the Moo Cow...

...and with her class on Friday morning...

...and on Saturday afternoon with Megan & Mia and at GG & Grandpa's...

...and then finally Saturday night on the mountain with the Harpers!

I think she finally has the concept of Trick-or-Treating down after all of that practice! The rest of the pictures are in the October Album.

10/10/2009 - Trip to Maine

Anna Claire and I just got back from a trip to Maine where we spent a week at one of my college friend's house (Kristen). Another college friend, Jenna, also flew up with her little girl, Annalee (who's about 3 mos. younger than Anna Claire). We had a great time catching up and wishing we didn't live so far away from each other!

I've started the October Album with pics from our trip.

09/25/2009 - September Update

September has been a very busy month for us!

Anna Claire has moved up to the next classroom at school (She's a redbird now). This room has more activities for her to get into (she was so exhausted the first week!) and all of the kids sit at a little table for lunch (no more highchairs).

Anna Claire's Aunt Angela and Uncle Brad came to visit from Austin and her Uncle Michael came home from New Mexico on Labor Day weekend. They all thought she had changed so much since April!

Eric and I went to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for a couple of days with the Harper and the Beards. We thought they were brave for agreeing to travel to Mexico with us, given our track record, but fortunately the trip was uneventful in regard to hurricanes! :) We really enjoyed laying by the pool all day and eating LOTS (and LOTS) of really good food.

In addition to celebrating both of our mom's birthdays this month, we celebrated Eric (and Kathy's) birthday by having some friends over for the TN/FL game. Eric grilled some delicious chicken, burgers and hot dogs on the BGE and the kids had a great time playing together (even though they had all spent the last week inside from all of the rain!).

I took Anna Claire down to Coolidge Park today for her first carousel ride. I think she really enjoyed it, even though it was hard to tell from her facial expressions :)

Here is a slideshow of all of the Sept. pics so far.

09/04/2009 - Rosemary Beach

Last week we headed down to the beach for our first family vacation this year! After working an extra day this summer to meet a project deadline, I was in need of some relaxation and family time. This was Anna Claire's first trip to the beach since she's been walking but unfortunately she did not care much for the sand! I think her favorite part of the trip was pulling her wagon back and forth to the beach :)

Here is a little movie of our trip. I have been wanting to make one of these since I got the Mac and have finally taken the time! The other pictures from our trip are in the "Rosemary Beach" album on the right.

08/04/2009 - Picture Update

We've started an August album and finished off June/July!

07/17/2009 - Our chatty girl

Here's some footage that I took today of Anna Claire playing in her baby pool.

I think you can tell what her favorite response is!

07/04/2009 - Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th full of watermelon, a parade, good friends, good food and fireworks. To see more of our pictures click on the June/July 2009 pics link.

We don't have very many pictures from June...I was gone for work during the first week and then Eric joined me on a company trip during the second week. Anna Claire got to spend a week with her Nana and King Grandaddy so maybe Nana will share those pictures with me :)

05/29/2009 - May Update

We finally have a May Album! It has been such a busy month. The MacBook is still helping me to update things more easily but it doesn't give Anna Claire a bath or do the dishes, so it's still hard to find enough time to use it!
Anna Claire is starting to communicate with us more and more. She is now saying a couple of words (Daisy, Hi, Bye-Bye, Woah, Yay, Go, No). We walked into her classroom one day this week and she said "Hi!", it was so cute and unexpected! I think she's also understanding the things that we're telling her more. She knows how to walk over to her bookshelves, pick out a book and bring it over to the glider for us to read it to her. It's so fun to see her face when she's walking towards me with a book that she's excited about. We're so proud of her. Enjoy the pics!

04/28/2009 - Pictures from the Weekend

Here are some pictures from this weekend. On Friday, Anna Claire and I played with her bubbles and then Saturday we all went to the park and then dinner downtown. She's walking all over the place!

Thanks to Eric for my early Mother's Day present, a MacBook! It has made it much easier for me to add updates!

I know "No No"

So, I've been trying to get some video of Anna Claire walking and I happen to capture something else. From the time that she first started crawling she has always been interested in Daisy's dog food, which is of course off limits. Any time that she would go near it, I would say her name and shake my head "no". You can see in this video that she's definitely gotten the message! All I did was say her name and she started shaking her head no. Pretty cool!! Just thought I would share this "parenting triumph" and we're still working to get some video posted of her walking!

04/19/2009 - Rounding out Anna Claire's 1st Year

We had 1st birthday party round 2 yesterday and Anna Claire had a great time! She enjoyed playing with her friends, opening presents and eating more yummy cake! Between her birthday and Easter, she has done a lot of celebrating lately! We just put all of the pictures in the Month 12 album, even though she's now officially in her 13th month :( Enjoy the pics!

One really sweet thing that she's doing now (as a big one year old :)) is when we hold her sometimes she pats our backs like we pat hers. It's so sweet. We love receiving her little love-pats!

04/04/2009 - Pictures from Anna Claire's 1st Birthday Party

Here is the link to the slideshow of pictures from Anna Claire's 1st Birthday Party on April 4.
Thanks again, Diana! We have several's going to be so hard to choose!

04/08/2009 - Happy 1st Birthday Anna Claire!

A year ago today I was sending an email to work saying “I won’t be in today. I’m not in labor yet, I just don’t feel well” and about 8 hours later (after receiving an official “diagnosis” :) of being in labor) we were greeted by a 7 lb 1 oz baby girl with the most beautiful strawberry blonde hair.

She has been such a happy baby with a great nature from the start. “Baby’s 1st Smile” is the one milestone that we don’t have exactly documented because we can’t ever remember her not being able to smile.

She has always been very aware and a keen observer of her surroundings, like she's just trying to take it all in. Nothing gets past her!

But to say that she's great natured and observant, is not to imply that she doesn't also have a BIG personality.

She is one of the most expressive people we know! Her latest expression is "oooohh" if she finds something interesting or "mmmmhh" if she's eating something good.

We also love (and appreciate!) her independent nature.

And to say she comes by it honest is an understatement since she has it running pretty strongly on both sides :)

Anna Claire, you bring so much joy to your entire family and put a smile on the face of anyone that meets you! We love you so much! Mama and Dada

03/27/2008 - 12 Month Pics

Here is a slideshow of the Month 12 Pics!

03/15/2009 - 1st Steps & Funny Videos

Anna Claire took a couple of steps today!! I don't know who was more excited, her or us! We don't have it on video yet, but we'll post it when we do. These 3 videos are from an evening a couple of weeks ago. I was putting them together when our computer died but we're finally back up and running. They crack us up and really show her personality, so we thought we'd share them! I've also finished updating the Month 11 folder on the right.

02/20/2009 - Georgia Aquarium

Our friend Melanie got us tickets to the Georgia Aquarium, so we spent the day there on Friday.

Anna Claire enjoyed her first visit with the fishies!

Here are the other Month 11 pics: