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09/25/2009 - September Update

September has been a very busy month for us!

Anna Claire has moved up to the next classroom at school (She's a redbird now). This room has more activities for her to get into (she was so exhausted the first week!) and all of the kids sit at a little table for lunch (no more highchairs).

Anna Claire's Aunt Angela and Uncle Brad came to visit from Austin and her Uncle Michael came home from New Mexico on Labor Day weekend. They all thought she had changed so much since April!

Eric and I went to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for a couple of days with the Harper and the Beards. We thought they were brave for agreeing to travel to Mexico with us, given our track record, but fortunately the trip was uneventful in regard to hurricanes! :) We really enjoyed laying by the pool all day and eating LOTS (and LOTS) of really good food.

In addition to celebrating both of our mom's birthdays this month, we celebrated Eric (and Kathy's) birthday by having some friends over for the TN/FL game. Eric grilled some delicious chicken, burgers and hot dogs on the BGE and the kids had a great time playing together (even though they had all spent the last week inside from all of the rain!).

I took Anna Claire down to Coolidge Park today for her first carousel ride. I think she really enjoyed it, even though it was hard to tell from her facial expressions :)

Here is a slideshow of all of the Sept. pics so far.