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05/29/2009 - May Update

We finally have a May Album! It has been such a busy month. The MacBook is still helping me to update things more easily but it doesn't give Anna Claire a bath or do the dishes, so it's still hard to find enough time to use it!
Anna Claire is starting to communicate with us more and more. She is now saying a couple of words (Daisy, Hi, Bye-Bye, Woah, Yay, Go, No). We walked into her classroom one day this week and she said "Hi!", it was so cute and unexpected! I think she's also understanding the things that we're telling her more. She knows how to walk over to her bookshelves, pick out a book and bring it over to the glider for us to read it to her. It's so fun to see her face when she's walking towards me with a book that she's excited about. We're so proud of her. Enjoy the pics!