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Kathy Update

A few weeks ago, I posted a "pregnancy" picture of Kathy and me and said that she could be having her baby any day now. Kathy delivered Marley Sophia Harper (in a record short labor!) on December, 18 (the day before her big brother Ty's birthday).

She is even more precious in person!

12/25/2007 - Merry Christmas!

For our last Christmas "pre - Baby Grau", we did our usual tradition of attending mass and exchanging gifts with the Graus on Christmas Eve and driving to the Driggers' on Christmas Day.

My brother and Eric both got Guitar Hero for their Wii's. They played together a bunch and Eric has continued to play his every night since we've been back home :)

After spending a few days in Columbus, we had to get back to Chattanooga to get ready for a retirement party for Eric's dad. We were a little nervous about hosting a dinner for 15 but we were very excited with how the party turned out! Here is a video clip from the party and you can see pictures under "Photo Albums" on the right.

12/20/2007 - 23 Week Doctor's Appt.

Today was my 23 Week check-up. Since my doctor was delivering a baby at my 20 Week visit, he did a thourough scan of the anatomy this time. Here's what he told us:
  • Our baby has a 3 vessell umbilical cord (which means the umbilical cord developed properly)
  • The spine is fully formed and has good curvature
  • From viewing the nose and lips, our baby does not have a cleft pallette
  • All of the organs (stomach, bladder, kidney, liver, etc.) look good
  • The heartbeat is in a good range (about 132)...we still love to hear it!
  • The bone measurements indicate that the baby is growing at a rate that puts her within 2 days of our due date

He wasn't able to get as good of a view of the genitalia as the PA did (just based on how the baby was positioned), so he gave us a 95% probablility of girl as opposed to the 99% that we got last time. We'll continue to check on the gender, but as you can see by the previous post, we're proceeding forward assuming that Baby Grau is a girl!

He didn't print off any new ultrasound pics this time (she still looks pretty much the same :)). We'll post another update when I go back in 4 weeks.

12/16/2007 - Nursery Bedding

Here is a picture of our bedding. I actually found it in June on clearance at PB Kids. Even though I wasn't even pregnant yet :), I knew it was exactly what I would want if we had a little girl one day, so with it being on clearance I went ahead and got it!

I also got the crib skirt and bumper.

Here's a close up of the bumper. At first, I wanted a white crib to go with the bedding but I think the black will be more versatile if we have a boy later and when we convert the crib into a full size bed. And now that I see it together, I think the bright colors are really going to "pop" against the black.

You could maybe tell in the crib pics that we've been experimenting with a paint color. We decided to paint another sample in between the white trim, since the paint color that's already in the room was kind of skewing our perception of the color. We still think it may be a little bright/light since this room gets so much natural light but we're still thinking about it.

The only piece of furniture that we have purchased for the nursery is the crib. We're going to use Eric's old dresser and paint it black. I found these drawer knob pulls on E-Bay that coordinate with the bedding. I was very excited about this find!

These prints are another E-Bay find that coordinates with the bedding. My cousin, Kristy, gave me these at our gift exchange this weekend.

This is another Christmas gift from Kristy and Matt. It's a super cute toiletry bag for me to take to the hospital. It will also work great as a smaller diaper bag.

Here is an updated belly shot from our weekend in Blairsville. You can see more pics from the weekend under Photo Albums on the right.

12/02/2007 - Crib

Here is our first nursery pic!

We ordered this crib on Nov. 18. They told us it would take 10 - 12 weeks for it to come in but then we got a call on the 26th saying that it had arrived!! I talked Eric into making an "emergency" trip to Atlanta on Saturday to pick it up, but he was the one that decided to put it together when we got home around midnight (I think someone else is just as excited about it as I am :))

We plan to paint the walls some shade of green, right after Christmas. So, we'll continue to post updates as the nursery becomes more decorated.

The Harpers came over for dinner tonight and Kathy and I decided that we needed a picture of the two of us while we're both still pregnant. Kathy is due on December 23, so she could be having her little girl any day now!

I have added a link under "Photo Albums" to some of our Christmas Decorations.