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11/26/2007 - 20 Week Doctor's Appt.

We're having a..................


Probably the only thing actually indicating girl to you from this picture are the words "girl parts" :) Unfortunately, this image is not as clear as what we were able to see on the ultrasound screen. Last time I didn't even realize that we were looking at the genitalia when he said "girl" but this time it was a lot more obvious.

At first I thought that I might not even have this appointment today b/c when we showed up they told us that my doctor was away delivering a baby (pretty acceptable excuse for an OB I suppose :)). So instead of seeing him, the physician's assistant did the ultrasound and gave a 99% probability that Baby Grau is a girl.

Here are some other pictures that she took:

This is a picture of the bottom of the feet. Baby Grau was all over the place today! I think I have actually felt her move a couple of times. It's still very subtle but I have definitely felt a few "flutters".

I thought this picture was really sweet. You can tell that she likes to rest with her hand up by her face.

My doctor had planned to do a full anatomy scan this week to make sure all of the organs are okay but we will have to wait until the next visit for that. Since my next visit fell during the week of Christmas, we're actually going to go a little sooner than four weeks (Dec. 20).

Here is an updated belly shot:

My "baby bump" has arrived!

To see details of a recent event leading to "enhancement" of the baby bump, check out the Thanksgiving photos on the right :)

11/01/2007 - 16 Week Doctor's Appt.

We were hopeful in finding out the gender of Baby Grau today but we're pretty much where we were before we went!

Based on what our doctor could see, he's thinking girl.
But it's still a little early to say for sure (he gave us a probability of 75%). I think we will have a much better idea at my next visit when I'm 20 weeks.

In the meantime, here are some updated photos of Baby Grau.

We could see so much more detail this time! It actually made it harder to tell what was what! Thank goodness that our doctor is there to intepret for us. This is a picture of the spine. A lot of the bone structure has developed at this point.

Here is a picture of the baby's leg. I can expect to start feeling some movement in the next few weeks. Maybe "she" will be a soccer player like mom :) At this point the baby has actually grown so much, that it's hard to get an ultrasound picture with the entire body in view!

This picture scares me a little bit, but I realize that the baby still has about 24 weeks of development to go. Eric pointed out that you can actually see that the right and left hemisphere of the brain are distinctly developing. Pretty cool stuff!

So best we can tell, everything is still going smoothly. Our doctor took several measurements that confirmed that the baby was developing how he would expect, based on my due date. He will do a more thorough scan of the anatomy at my 20 week visit.