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04/16/2011 - Pony Party & Other Weekend Fun!

Anna Claire had a birthday party with her friends on Saturday at Peachtree Farms. The weather turned out to be much colder than expected but fortunately we were able to move everything to their indoor arena and have a really fun afternoon!

When I asked Anna Claire if she wanted to ride ponies for her birthday she said "Yeah, to the castle!"

On Sunday we went to the zoo with all of our Chattanooga/Atlanta friends that came in for the weekend.

The Pony Party pictures are in a separate album and the rest of the pics are in the April album. I also posted a link to the pictures that we took for making her invitation...whenever we do those we always get so many funny outtakes!

04/08/2011 - Anna Claire's 3rd Birthday!

We celebrated Anna Claire's 3rd Birthday with a trip to the zoo and family party at our house. Check out the April album for more pics!