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10/31/2009 - Bumble Bees

I think Halloween may be my favorite holiday! I have always had so much fun dressing up and now I love dressing up Anna Claire and Daisy. That's right, Daisy still gets a costume too. The day that I got Anna Claire's costume in the mail, I happen to stumble upon a dog bumble bee costume and so I decided it was fate.

Anna Claire got to be a bumble bee at the zoo last weekend with Mallory the Moo Cow...

...and with her class on Friday morning...

...and on Saturday afternoon with Megan & Mia and at GG & Grandpa's...

...and then finally Saturday night on the mountain with the Harpers!

I think she finally has the concept of Trick-or-Treating down after all of that practice! The rest of the pictures are in the October Album.

10/10/2009 - Trip to Maine

Anna Claire and I just got back from a trip to Maine where we spent a week at one of my college friend's house (Kristen). Another college friend, Jenna, also flew up with her little girl, Annalee (who's about 3 mos. younger than Anna Claire). We had a great time catching up and wishing we didn't live so far away from each other!

I've started the October Album with pics from our trip.