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12/25/2011 - Merry Christmas!

November & December Albums are up!

11/04/2011 - Fall is FUN!

We have had a very busy but fun fall...from soccer to the pumpkin patch to trick or treating and throw in a trip to Disney in the middle! Here are some of my favorite shots. The rest of the pics are in the October and Disney albums on the right.

"Mom, coach said I could take a break!!"

"Trick or Treat Tink"

"You see mom..."

"Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - She wanted to be Rapunzel"

I love this one because it was so much fun to see how much she enjoyed the rides at Disney. She was just tall enough to ride the ones with a 40" minimum (w/ tennis shoes and her hair done just right :)) She loved "that fast train at Magic Kingdom" (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) and on every ride asked if it was going to go fast too :)

Tinkerbell's Boyfriend :)

What a conversation!

I love this one too because she had such a great conversation with Rapunzel. She asked her if her mom was nice and Rapuzel said "She's nicer than she used to be". The line to see her was so long but definitely worth it because she really interacted with the kids and Anna Claire just loved it.

Buzz and Woody had a long line too and she just couldn't make it. Buzz signed her autograph book "Nice to meet you Sleeping Beauty" :)

07/16/2011 - Trip Maine-ly for a Wedding

Last week we traveled to Maine for a friend's wedding. We had a great time and it ended up being one of the most active vacations that I think we've ever been on!

Day 1: Kayaking

Day 2: Hiking on Monhegan Island

Day 3: Trip to Freeport (with no pics to show for it but I did get a couple of great pairs of shoes :)) and Candlepin Bowling

Day 4: Lobster Boat Tour and Boat Cruise for bride and groom

Day 5: Lobster Bake for Rehearsal Dinner

Day 6: The Wedding!!

The rest of the pics are in the July album.

04/16/2011 - Pony Party & Other Weekend Fun!

Anna Claire had a birthday party with her friends on Saturday at Peachtree Farms. The weather turned out to be much colder than expected but fortunately we were able to move everything to their indoor arena and have a really fun afternoon!

When I asked Anna Claire if she wanted to ride ponies for her birthday she said "Yeah, to the castle!"

On Sunday we went to the zoo with all of our Chattanooga/Atlanta friends that came in for the weekend.

The Pony Party pictures are in a separate album and the rest of the pics are in the April album. I also posted a link to the pictures that we took for making her invitation...whenever we do those we always get so many funny outtakes!

04/08/2011 - Anna Claire's 3rd Birthday!

We celebrated Anna Claire's 3rd Birthday with a trip to the zoo and family party at our house. Check out the April album for more pics!

03/17/2011 - March Fun!

March has been a fun month with a princess party, trip to Atlanta and my baby brother's engagement!!

Check out the pics in the March Album

02/14/2011 - Valentine's Surprise!

Today we went to Anna Claire's school for what we thought was going to be a performance by our little star and instead we were surprised to see a performance by a real star: Sheryl Crow!

She sang several children's songs and two of her own hits (which were of course edited for little ears :)) We all had a great time and Anna Claire is still singing all of the songs!

01/21/2011 - Snow, Snow and More Snow

Since we moved to Franklin in November, we've seen the most snow we've ever had in a winter! Since we're snowed in yet again today, I thought I'd take a minute to share some pictures from the last big snow. We went for a walk and took some shots of our new neighborhood.

We're slowly continuing to settle in but are ready for visitors anytime!