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11/04/2011 - Fall is FUN!

We have had a very busy but fun fall...from soccer to the pumpkin patch to trick or treating and throw in a trip to Disney in the middle! Here are some of my favorite shots. The rest of the pics are in the October and Disney albums on the right.

"Mom, coach said I could take a break!!"

"Trick or Treat Tink"

"You see mom..."

"Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - She wanted to be Rapunzel"

I love this one because it was so much fun to see how much she enjoyed the rides at Disney. She was just tall enough to ride the ones with a 40" minimum (w/ tennis shoes and her hair done just right :)) She loved "that fast train at Magic Kingdom" (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) and on every ride asked if it was going to go fast too :)

Tinkerbell's Boyfriend :)

What a conversation!

I love this one too because she had such a great conversation with Rapunzel. She asked her if her mom was nice and Rapuzel said "She's nicer than she used to be". The line to see her was so long but definitely worth it because she really interacted with the kids and Anna Claire just loved it.

Buzz and Woody had a long line too and she just couldn't make it. Buzz signed her autograph book "Nice to meet you Sleeping Beauty" :)

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Kathy said...

Wow you all saw tons of characters! Too bad we couldn't hang together more at Disney. Hope to see you all real soon!