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01/23/2010 - I'm Proud of Me!

Anna Claire is at that age where she's constantly saying new things and making us laugh! She said something the other day that I wanted to make sure we got on camera. We're not actively trying to potty train her yet but she gets to sit on the potty at school if they go to change her and she's dry, so we've been doing that at home some too. This video starts right after I ask her if she had gone to the bathroom on the potty...

01/16/2010 - First "Trim"

We took Anna Claire to get her first haircut at G.G.'s salon last Saturday. Although, we barely cut anything off so it was more like a first "trim" rather than a "haircut"! We didn't want to lose any curls so G.G. just cleaned up some of the baby hair underneath. Anna Claire did great! She loved sitting in the big chair and we only had to keep her entertained for a few minutes!


...the 5 minute trim...


01/15/2010 - Pajamas

Since it has been kind of cold lately we've spent a lot of time hanging out inside in our new pajamas. I've added some pictures to the January album.

01/08/2010 - New Year's Resolution:

Update the pictures on the BLOG more frequently! Check out the January pics on the right!

A Movie from Our Disney Trip

I put together some of our favorite clips from our trip into a little 5 min. movie. Enjoy!

12/25/2009 - Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas and Holiday Season this year! We were so fortunate to have time to spend with family that we don't get to see that often. We are so blessed!