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10/25/2008 - Mommy's Weekend Away

I spent the weekend on a Women's Mountain Biking trip at Mullberry Gap. It was a beautiful place, with fun trails and wonderful meals; I would highly recommend it! Here's their website:

This left Anna Claire and daddy to a weekend by themselves. It looks like they had a good time and he did a good job of dressing her in cute outfits :)

Anna Claire update:

As you can see from the Month 7 pics, she's now sitting up well on her own. She's very close to crawling and even though she's not quite there yet, she still manages to move herself around on the floor.

You can also see from the pics that she's now eating babyfood. So far she's had applesauce, prunes, green beans, squash, carrots, peas and papaya.

She has also started cutting her first tooth! We first felt it a week or two ago but now you can actually see it coming through!

At our last pediatrician's appt. she weighed just under 16 lbs. and is 24" long.

10/18/2008 - Fall Pictures

We went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday to take some fall pictures of our little pumpkin.

You can see the other pictures in the Anna Claire Month 7 album on the right.

On Sunday, we did Anna Claire's 6th Month sitting with Diana. Click on the link below to see those pics:

10/04/2008 - Mandy celebrates her last day in her 20's

Eric put together a low country boil party for my 30th birthday. The food was delicious and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone who was able to come celebrate with us!

09/28/2008 - Anna Claire's Baptism

Anna Claire got baptized today and we asked Auntie Mimi to be her godmother (she accepted of course :))

09/12/2008 - Rice Cereal

Here's some video of Anna Claire eating rice cereal for the first time. We've also created a Month 6 album on the right.