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My name is Eric. I'm a 29-year old Electrical Engineer from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was born at Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Chattanooga when I was 14 months old. Upon high school graduation, I moved to Macon, Georgia to attend Mercer University where in a brief but tenuous 5 years, I left Macon to return to Chattanooga with an undergrad degree in Biomedical Engineering and a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering. I hired on at the Tennessee Valley Authority on September 10, 2001 and have yet to look back.

While in Macon, I became enamored with this Southern Belle from Columbus, Georgia. Mandy was a mathematics student at Wesleyan College. She attended Georgia State University where she received a graduate degree in Actuarial Studies. Starting in Spring 2002, Mandy began studying and sitting for Society of Actuaries (SOA) exams. One after the next after the next, she knocked them out. Given the 28 - 30% pass rate for these exams, this was a formidable task. Mandy worked in Atlanta for 2 years before relocating to Chattanooga and began working at UnumProvident as a Business Analyst in their Voluntary Workplace Benefits group. Mandy should finish the requirements for her Fellowship (FSA) late this spring.

Mandy and I have been living in a 75 year old bungalow for the last three years. The house is a wonderful little Arts and Crafts style home with all of the charm of a late 1920's home...drafty windows, poor plumbing and nothing is square. However, it does have all of the wonderful features characteristic of a house of this period...8" base boards, plaster walls, counter-balanced rope windows, narrow-slat tongue and groove hardwoods and much more.

On January 13, 2007, Mandy and I signed a contract with Wilbanks Construction to build "our" house. This blog will carry you along with us as we start what has been dubbed "The American Dream" as much as "The American Nightmare."