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04/16/2010 - Anna Claire's 1st trip to Wesleyan - oh yeah, and my 10 year reunion!

Last weekend was my 10 year college reunion (yes, I feel very old!). My mom met me in Macon and took Anna Claire back with her to Columbus. I had a great time seeing old friends, hangouts and traditions!

This picture is very special to me because Anna Claire is standing in the spot where Eric proposed!

There are more pictures from the weekend in the April album. (April has been a very busy month!)

04/08/2010 - Happy 2nd Birthday, Anna Claire!

Birthday call from dada before heading to school to celebrate.

Trip to the aquarium after the school party.

"Ages 2+"

On the big girl swing at her party.

Big Girl Slide!

Later that day she said "They sang Happy Birthday Anna Claire!"

Licking the icing off of the candle.

Playing with some of her birthday toys.

Flintstones car.

All grown up :)

The other birthday pictures are in the April Album...there's a ton!