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Day 103 - 05/28/2007

The brick masons have finished their work. The house is really beginning to look like a house people would want to live in! Before too long, the siding should be painted, the rock will be going on and the metal roof will be installed.

The builder's suggested that we put a triple-keystone above the windows in the study. I wasn't sure what this would look like, but I am glad we did it.

Here's a closer look at the keystones.

A close-up of the front porch area.

Here's our front steps.

The sheetrock finishers started (and finished) this week and, wow, did they make a mess!

The house looks so different with the drywall up and finished. We are starting to feel what the house will be like when it is finished.

We have been busy the last week or so. We have picked out our cabinets and stain, tile for the floors and showers and they should begin installing the hardwood flooring in the next week or so. We will be picking out our paint colors this week for the ceiling, trim and walls. Once we get the paint colors picked out, we'll post some samples.

Day 93 - 05/18/2007

Okay...we're back.

We have drywall (actually Sheetrock brand) in the house. They have scattered 4'x12' sheets all through the house last week. They are about to make a monumental mess!

The kitchen is actually starting to look like a kitchen with the walls now being closed off. It won't be too long before cabinets and flooring start going in.

Here's a shot of the family room, looking toward the back of the house.

Our bedroom will have a nice double tray ceiling and a sitting area in the far left corner of this picture.

The builders put in a nice arched doorway entering into our dining room from the foyer.

The brick masons should wrap up the brick work the week of 5/21. They still have scaffolding everywhere. It is hard to see what the brick looks like, but we should have an updated picture this week.

This is a picture of the right side of the house. On the right side of this picture is where the screened in porch will be.

Another shot of the brick work. I am really excited about the brick color!

Here we are...picture is compliments of Kathy. I screwed up.

I am in Nashville this week and have the digi camera with me. It will be real hard for Mandy to take pictures with me having the camera.

We should start the drywall (sheetrock) work this will probably take all week to complete.

We are looking at wall colors, appliances and cabinets at this time. As we begin to make decisions, we will post them on here. We should have some pictures up by Saturday or Sunday (5/19 or 5/20).

Check back with us soon!

Day 83 - 05/08/2007

We have brick on the house! There have not been a whole lot of things that Mandy and I were happy with from the first time we saw it...often it has taken some patience and imagination (two things I'm not blessed with an abundance of!), but as soon as we saw the brick, we were relieved that we had made a great choice.

I made this picture a bit larger so that you can see what the brick looks like up close. The picture below gives you a good idea, but to really see the brick, click on the picture at the bottom of the page.

Look at me paint...probably don't want to quit my day job. Mandy wanted me to put some sample colors on the house so she could decide what color she wants. I think we've found the one for our painter.

Day 81 - 05/06/2007

Well, not only did we have our brick delivered on Friday, but it looks like Emery is the new project manager on the job...I wouldn't mess with her!!

Man there are a lot of those blue boxes in this place!

I spent the day running audio wire throughout the house. You can (maybe) see the grey wires coming out of the blue box in the middle of this picture (in the above picture, you might be able to see the grey wire coiled in the ceilling).

Day 78 - 05/03/2007

Well, we're making progress again. The electricians have started, the firebox is installed, the brick is on its way!

Our firebox is located on the common wall b/w the master bedroom and the great room. This will be a nice spot for it.

Another shot of the firebox.

It looks like this bottom plate barfed some wires!! The main breaker panel should be installed soon.

Day 72 - 04/27/2007

Another week has passed. The carpenters are slowly finishing the exterior trim work so that the brick masons can begin soon.

Mandy and I had to go through the house and lay out where we wanted the cable and phone jacks.

Daisy is starting to familiarize herself with the new house.

Here is the back of the house with the siding finished. Our screened in porch will be on the left side of the house in the picture below.